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RichL Group

RichL Group is a professional business operation and investment company based in Singapore, specializing in two main sectors: luxury goods and longevity. Additionally, the company invests in projects related to real estate, energy, health, and marine technology.

Luxury Category:
Stefano Ricci's largest global partner is RichL Group, one of Italy's top luxury brands. Stefano Ricci is a renowned ultra-luxury brand with a history of over half a century, often referred to as the Rolls-Royce of the fashion industry. The brand has been dedicated to providing luxurious fashion for gentlemen for over 50 years.
The SR Luxury Club is an exclusive global platform for resource exchange among royalty, dignitaries, and celebrities. It is dedicated to providing membership-based luxury services for SR global users.
RichL Group invest and operate projects involving SR luxury private clubs, guest rooms (hotels), and fashion clothing boutiques.

Healthcare Category:
CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE is a global leader in the field of longevity . RichL Group, based in Singapore, is a global partner of CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE.
CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE, founded in Switzerland in 1931, has focused on longevity for a century and is a pioneering leader in the global longevity field. They have been at the forefront of longevity research and have recently launched a series of longevity health supplements that encapsulate the essence of their research, providing comprehensive rejuvenation in one capsule.

RichL Group's main business category

Luxury Category

Stefano Ricci Boutique Project:
• The world's first Stefano Ricci luxury flagship Boutique, located in China Beijing Huamao Center, officially opened in JUNE 2023.
• The Stefano Ricci Southeast Asia flagship Boutique is located in MBS , Singapore, marking the beginning of a glorious new decade.
• In 2023, the world's first Stefano Ricci airport duty-free Boutique will be unveiled at Changi Airport.
• Stefano Ricci's Star Hill Boutique in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, presents an exciting showcase.
• The Stefano Ricci's Four Season Boutique in Bangkok, Thailand, presents an exciting presentation.
• Stefano Ricci Singapore Luxury Club: The grand opening of SR Luxury Club, located at 268 Orchard Road, Singapore, will take place in 2023.
• Stefano Ricci China Luxury Club: The luxurious SR clubhouse, situated in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Beijing, China, had its grand opening in 2023.
• Stefano Ricci Luxury Hotel Project: Preparations are currently underway for the first Stefano Ricci luxury Hotel project in China.

Longevity Category

• The world's first flagship Boutique for CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE holistic health supplement , a Swiss brand, will grandly open on July 7, 2023, at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) in Singapore.
• The duty-free shop at Singapore Changi Airport is coming soon.
• The Asia Pacific customer service center is now officially operational in Singapore. The Asia Pacific logistics center is now officially operational in Singapore. Preparations are underway for the CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE longevity HUB in Singapore.
• Preparations are underway for the CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE longevity HUB in China. RichL Group provides personalized professional services for the entire process of consultations at the CLINIQUE LA PRAIRIE longevity HUB, including one-on-one assistance.

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